This operator is most suited to commercial sectional doors up to 25Sqm. It operates with built in SafetySense technology ensuring the highest standards of safety in a commercial environment.

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• Motor and controller
Continuous duty rated DC Motor with controller, producing a powerful soft start/soft stop output of 650 Newtons of force to drive commercial sectional doors while reducing mechanical impacts that cause premature wear
of door components.

• NEMA 4X rated controller case
ZAP Controllers and push buttons are NEMA 4X compliant as a standard.

• Drive reduction
Worm drive gearbox & V-belt reduction drive with floor level, adjustable belt tensioning /emergency release lever.

• Wiring type
C2 (factory default), B2 failsafe is standard with the addition of approved photo eye.

• Radio control and external receiver terminals
Terminal strip provided inside the controller to provide quick, convenient connections for adding external radio control receivers from any desired manufacturer.

• Bearings and belts
Drive systems use industrial grade bearings and automotive grade long life v-belts. Our simplistic service design concept allows simple service of components in a matter of moments.

• Construction
Heavy-duty 8-gauge electro-plate finish steel frame, industrial bearings, worm drive gear box, aluminum drive pulley, secured with key stock and setscrew for simple servicing.

• Push button station
Control unit acts as the standard 3-button station for open/close/stop functions. Controller may mounted remotely up to 24 feet away from the operator, provided it is to be wired with other external control devices that are designed to function as the primary door controls. Power supply is wired directly to the controller not the motor. Low voltage motor cable is supplied for easy wiring.

• Auto-close timer

Fully programmable auto-close timer automatically closes the door. (4 minutes) Requires the addition of approved photo cell.

 Part open programming (Programmable mid stop)

Programmable part open to stop door at predetermined height.

• Prevent door operation interlock

Built in interlock to prevent door operation, used with truck restraint systems, shared track applications or pass doors.

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