X4- Smart Installation Commercial Sectional Door Operator

In the ZAP of a button your mobile phone will now assist the installation of your X4 Zap operator for industrial sectional doors up to 25 sq M.

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The Wizards at Zap International Ltd have created a new and innovative product for the commercial market, known as the X4 operator, for sectional doors up to 25 SQm. It is unique in that its operating parameters can be programmed using a mobile phone or tablet, allowing for quick and easy installation as well as fast changes to settings such as the auto close time, obstruction sensitivity and obstruction reversing height, dependant on the size of the cable drums. The X4 is compatible with all smart phones and mobile devises’ including IOS, Android and other operating systems.

And that is not all, this superb operator is the safest of its type in the world as the X4 will not only detect obstructions on any part of the door in either direction, but will also detect unsafe operating conditions such as broken springs and cables, by incorporating Safety-Sense™ Technology- exclusive to ZAP. This prevents fatal accidents and severe damage to the door. The X4 operates without a safety edge and meets UL 325. European: CE, NZ and AUS Safety Standards.

The X4 also incorporates programmable isolated relay contacts, which, for example, may be used to interlock a dock leveller until the door is open, perfect in a busy factory environment and most dependable.

The X4 is a one man instillation saving cost, its ease of set up saves time and the universal installation positions: outboard or inboard of the cable drums, upside down or sideways works to your convenience. It really is the best commercial operator to have entered the market.

Accessories include: Photo Eye, Auto Lock, Radio Remote Control.

Universal installation positions: Outboard or inboard of the cable drums, Upside down or sideways.

Installation assisted by smart web application for use on your mobile phone or tablet.

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